Multiplatform Editing

Interns hone their visual design, headline writing and line editing skills at one-week training sessions on college campuses before beginning internships where they help publish high-quality print and digital content on tight deadlines for some of the nation’s most respected media outlets.

  • Application Process

    The application period for summer 2017 has closed. Check back in September for the summer 2018 program details and application. To apply to any or all of the DJNF college internship programs, students must complete an online application, attach supporting documentation and take a test proctored at their college or university. Applications are due on Nov. 1.

    Application Form:

    Students must complete an online application where you will be prompted to create your candidate profile and answer job-specific questions for each program. Applicants must also include:

    - a 500-word essay
    - a résumé
    - an unofficial college transcript

    Applications will be available in September

    Students are required to complete a one-hour test to be considered for internships. The multiplatform editing and business reporting internship applicants take different versions of the test from the applicants for the digital media and data journalism internships. Students applying to all programs must take all three versions. Use the link below to locate and contact your school’s monitor to schedule a test time. Tests are sent to professors in early fall and testing continues up to the application deadline. To prepare, review previous versions of the editing and business reporting tests available below.

  • Program Benefits

    Students selected for the college internship programs receive immersive, specialized, all-expenses paid training at universities before their internships, weekly salaries of at least $400 for a minimum of 10 weeks, $1,000 scholarships when returning to school full-time and access to the Dow Jones News Fund Alumni Network.
  • Criteria

    College juniors, seniors and graduate students who are enrolled in school full-time as of the Nov. 1 deadline are eligible to apply for the college internship programs. This includes December graduates. Former professionals (those who have worked full-time on staff as a journalist for a year or more) in the U.S. or abroad are not eligible.
  • FAQs

    Who is eligible to apply for internships?

    College juniors, seniors and graduate students are eligible to apply for a Multiplatform Editing internship as long as they are enrolled full-time by the Nov. 1 deadline. This includes December graduates. Freshmen, sophomores, recent graduates and former professional journalists are not eligible.

    Can I apply for more than one internship program?

    Yes, you may apply for any of the programs for which you would like to be considered. After completing your first application, you will only need to complete the job specific questions on subsequent applications. Please note that your candidate profile will be the same for all applications, and therefore, the last attachments uploaded (resume, essay, press clips and transcript) will be the ones considered for all programs.

    Where can I take the qualifying test?

    Each applicant must take an in-person test monitored by a teacher or employee of their college. Applicants will only be considered if they apply online and complete the qualifying test. Visit the Dow Jones News Fund website for a list of journalism professors and career counselors who have signed up to be test monitors.

    What do I do if there is no test monitor at my school?

    If there is no test monitor on your campus, you may recruit a professor or media adviser at your school to be your monitor. (Students cannot be monitors.) Once you find someone to serve as your monitor, send an email with "digital test," “editing test,” "business reporting test" or "DJNF internship tests" in the subject line. In the body of the email enter the name, address, university, department, city, state, zip code, email address and office and home phone numbers of the professor who has agreed to be your monitor. Also, include your full name, mailing address, school, telephone number and email address.

    How can I take the qualifying test if I am studying abroad?

    Those studying abroad should recruit a professor at the university they are attending.

    Send an email with the test name in the subject line (i.e. DJNF Multimedia Editing Test), in the body of the email enter the name, address, university, department, city, state, zip code, email address and office and home phone numbers of the professor who has agreed to be your monitor. Be sure to include the country and international phone numbers. Also, include your full name, mailing address, school, telephone number and email address.

    Why is my application not going through when I hit submit?

    Confirm the required fields marked with asterisks are completed. Certain fields must also match conditional rules, such as the email ( phone number (10 digits) and the zip code must match the city. Once the application is successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation email.

    Can I edit my application after I hit submit?

    Yes, to edit your application after hitting the submit button, log back in to the portal and select the withdraw button next to the application you would like to edit. After withdrawing, select “view opportunities” to open the application.

    What is the maximum size for uploads?

    The maximum file size for each document is 5 MB.

    What document formats can be uploaded?

    It is best to use MSWord documents or PDFs. Files may be uploaded using Google Drive and Dropbox.

    What is the essay question?

    Describe your journalistic skills that make you an asset in an interactive newsroom whether working as a business reporter, data journalist, digital journalist or news editor. Upload a PDF or Word document containing no more than 500 words.

    When will I be notified if I was selected?

    The News Fund begins notifying interns in December, and continues into the New Year until all the media requests are fulfilled.

    Can international students apply?

    We are open to international students who are already in the U.S. and authorized to work here on student visas. We do not transport students from abroad or ask employers to sponsor international students to come here.

    Do you notify applicants if they have not been selected?


    Where can I find practice tests?

    Previous versions of the editing and business reporting tests can be found on and Since this is the first year with a separate data/digital test there are no practice versions. We recommend data journalism and digital media interns familiarize themselves with the resource center.