• Brent Jones President
    Brent Jones President
    editor of culture training and outreach The Wall Street Journal CLASS OF 1987
  • Paul Schmidt Treasurer
    Paul Schmidt Treasurer
    Former Senior Vice President News America Marketing
  • Diana Mitsu Klos Secretary
    Diana Mitsu Klos Secretary
    Nonprofit Executive Strategist
  • LaSharah S. Bunting
    LaSharah S. Bunting
    VP + Executive Editor Simon & Schuster CLASS OF 2000
  • Thomas E. Engleman
    Thomas E. Engleman
    Former Executive Director Dow Jones News Fund
  • Gail Griffin
    Gail Griffin
    Head of Digital Platforms – U.S. Intermediaries T. Rowe Price CLASS OF 1992
  • Garry D. Howard
    Garry D. Howard
    Director of Corporate Initiatives American City Business Journals CLASS OF 1981
  • Richard J. Levine
    Richard J. Levine
    Former Vice President of News Dow Jones CLASS OF 1960
  • Laurence G. O’Donnell
    Laurence G. O’Donnell
    Retired Managing Editor The Wall Street Journal
  • Dr. Reginald Owens
    Dr. Reginald Owens
    Retired Journalism Department Head Louisiana Tech University
  • Karen Miller Pensiero
    Karen Miller Pensiero
    Managing Editor The Wall Street Journal CLASS OF 1984
  • Anna Sedgley
    Anna Sedgley
    Former Chief Operating Officer Dow Jones
  • Dr. Russell G. Todd
    Dr. Russell G. Todd
    Professor Emeritus University of Texas at Austin