Business Reporting

Sharpen your reporting skills next summer telling the stories of young entrepreneurs and makers, small businesses and big corporations, workers and labor unions, tech startups, major advertisers and corporate sponsors, stocks and bonds, real estate and so much more. Business journalists have a broad beat that covers the gamut. Before your internship begins, you’ll spend a week learning from business journalists and drilling-down on finance, investing, labor issues and mergers and acquisitions. Then go to work for respected outlets like The Wall Street Journal, American City Business Journals, Arizent, Barron’s and more.

  • Application Process

    To apply to the DJNF college internship program, students must complete an online application, attach supporting documentation and take a timed, online test. The application deadline for summer 2024 is Nov. 16, 2023.

    Application Form:

    Students must complete an online application. We recommend you begin once you have assembled all required attachments:
    - A résumé
    - An unofficial transcript
    - A personal 500-word essay: Tell us about a time you learned a life lesson the hard way
    - Samples of your work. Please attach 3-5 clips of stories you wrote or links to digital content you produced. For data journalism you may attach code you have written or a data visualization you created; editors can provide headlines, page designs or social media posts. To stay within the five upload limit, please combine your work samples into one PDF document.

    You will also need to be able to supply contact information for two references.

    After clicking “Submit,” you will NOT be able to return to the application. DJNF staff will email you a link to the required online test via HireVue.

    We strongly recommend printing a copy of each completed section as you progress for your records.

    Application for 2024 is closed

    Once we receive a completed application, applicants are emailed a link to take a timed, online test via HireVue. This test must be completed to be considered for the DJNF program. To prepare for the test applicants can review previous test questions and a test prep webinar, links posted below.

  • Program Benefits

    Selected students receive immersive, specialized, all-expenses paid training at universities before their internships, weekly salaries of at least $525 for a minimum of 10 weeks, $1,500 scholarships for students and graduate's federal loans. Business reporting interns also receive one-year memberships to the Online News Association and Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing (SABEW); and a lifetime membership to the DJNF alumni network.
  • Criteria

    College sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students who are enrolled in school full-time as of the application deadline are eligible to apply for the college internship programs. This includes December graduates. Former professionals (those who have worked full-time on staff as a journalist for a year or more) in the U.S. or abroad are not eligible.
  • FAQs

    Who is eligible to apply for internships?

    College sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students are eligible to apply for an internship as long as they are enrolled full-time by the application deadline. This includes December graduates. U.S. students studying abroad and international students already in the U.S. with work visas are also eligible.

    Can I apply for more than one internship program?

    Yes, you will be asked to indicate which programs you prefer on the application.

    Where can I take the qualifying test?

    After you submit your application we will send an email from HireVue with a link to the single, timed, online test that should be completed within 3 days.

    Do I need to find a test monitor?

    No, we no longer mail paper tests. Instead, students will take a timed, online test via HireVue.

    Is the test open book?

    No, the News Fund staff expects applicants not to use any materials or devices to assist in answering the questions. Each question is timed to preclude using reference materials.

    Why is my application not going through when I hit submit?

    Confirm the required fields marked with asterisks are completed. Once the application is successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation email.

    Can I edit my application after I hit submit?

    No, after clicking “Submit,” you will NOT be able to return to the application. You can start the application and stop and save it as you work on it, but once you hit submit you cannot go back. If you submitted an application and forgot to attach your essay and transcript, please email those documents to In the subject line put, "YOUR NAME - Missing Attachments".

    What is the maximum size for uploads?

    The maximum file size for each document is 5MB.

    What document formats can be uploaded?

    PDFs are preferred, word documents acceptable. You cannot attach video or audio files.

    What is the essay question?

    Tell us about a time you learned a life lesson the hard way. Upload a PDF or Word document containing no more than 500 words.

    When will I be notified if I was selected?

    The News Fund begins notifying interns in December, and continues into the New Year until all the media requests are fulfilled.

    Can international students apply?

    We are open to international students who are already in the U.S. and authorized to work here on student visas. We do not transport students from abroad or ask employers to sponsor international students to come here.

    Do I need to take the whole test if I am only interested in one program?

    Yes, you must finish the entire test for it to be submitted and scored.

    Where can I find practice tests?

    Previous versions of the tests can be found at

    How would you like the clips to be submitted.

    Do not send hyperlinks. Please provide PDF copies of all your stories. Include the publication name and date, headline, byline and body of each article. It is fine to print a PDF from the website. We'd prefer all the stories combined into one PDF document, but we will accept multiple attachments.