For Professors

Multimedia Training Academy

The Dow Jones News Fund  sponsors a fast-paced, hands-on digital media training for college instructors and students from Hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs) to help develop modern, competitive skills. 

Participants in the academy go out on assignment in the El Paso community and work in teams to produce multimedia stories that are published in The workshop simulates a deadline-oriented, real world newsroom where attendees gain hands-on experience in how to use video, audio and digital photography in news gathering and then how to use the latest editing software in story production. Trainers assign story topics based on border-life issues and topics. Trainers act as “fixers” for the teams, helping to set up interviews and providing transportation and coaching in the field. You may take a look at some of the most recent stories produced in past sessions under the Multimedia Training Academy section here on Borderzine.

Application for 2024 will be available in Spring

Test Monitors

The News Fund places talented college juniors, seniors and graduate students in well-respected newsrooms as paid interns. We seek college professors and career services faculty to promote the internship programs on campus. Many interns say they initially heard about the Fund’s programs from a college professor, making our campus contacts a critical connection. We no longer ask professors to serve as test monitors. There is an online test distributed by DJNF staff to applicants.

Fund interns receive one-week of pre-internship training at one of its residency programs. Colleges can apply to serve as the residency site for the digital media, data journalism, business reporting or multiplatform editing. Deadline for proposals is Oct. 1.

Host a Residency

DJNF provides a week of subject-specific training for students selected for each of its college internship programs. If you are interested in hosting and directing an internship residency, email